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About us

After being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, our founder, Lisa, despaired of the dry, tasteless gluten free products on offer in the shops. We've all been there, in the free from aisles looking at all the dismal packaging, hiding even more dismal contents. Lisa turned this problem around and saw it as an opportunity to get creative. She said no thank you to the dry and tasteless offerings of that isle, and set about creating cakes that were light and moist. Instead of trying to find like for like replacements for flour, butter and sugar Lisa instead used fruit, vegetables, nuts and a generous dash of honey from her own apiary..........Wow, these are GOOD!....a comment that was repeated so many times by people who tried these cakes that if gave Lisa the confidence to start selling them.

Once setting up her own dedicated gluten, wheat and dairy free bakery in Cornwall there was only one obvious choice when it came down to 'what to create next'....a Cornish Pasty, but how do you make gluten free pastry that doesn't explode on first bite? It has been a long journey to make the perfect Cornish Pasty, but finally we got there. A pasty that you can eat, in your hand, crammed full of local Skirt (beef) Swede, Potato and Onion....and now this pasty is free from all 14 UK registered allergens. The pastry is available as a ready to roll block so that you can create your own versions of pies and pasties at your mouth watering yet? Mine is.

As time has gone on and word has spread about the magic that goes on deep inside the Let Them Eat bakery, we have responded to our customers needs.

Our ranges now include:

Classic Cakes (Battenberg, Bakewell, Fruit Cakes etc)

Sugar Free Cakes

Egg Free Cakes

Vegan Cakes and Savouries

Whilst all free from Gluten, Wheat and Dairy.


We can't wave goodbye to our allergies, but we can open our arms and embrace a new era of mouth-wateringly good food.