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We can't wave farewell to our allergies but we open our arms and embrace a new era of mouth-wateringly good gluten and dairy free food, and more. 

We believe that good food tastes even better together. So here at our Community page we want to share with you, and hope that in turn you will share with us. Tell us if you have been inspired to get creative in the kitchen, and how. Show us photos of your finished goods (assuming you can hold back from eating it all before you get the camera out!) Have you seen our products in your local shop, or do you have a favourite shop you would like us to be stocked in. Are you a local grower with vegetables you could supply us? Please use our Contact page to tell us more.

So let us start by telling you what goes into the food you are eating;

Honey, from our own apiary.

Fresh fruit, vegetables and eggs all from small producers in the Tamar Valley, all of whom have been introduced to us by Tamar Grow Local.

Meat, from the wonderful Dawe family of Trehil Farm St Dominick. 

Chocolate, that is always Fairtrade and Organic.

Palmyra Jaggery, from the world's only sustainable and organic producer.