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Safe to eat?

There is a huge difference between a gluten free recipe and a gluten free product, so how do you know the difference?

All of our recipes are tested for ppm by an independent laboratory. Everything we have ever sent has come back as <5ppm. 

Our products carry the Cross Grain symbol and Coeliac UK license number CUK-M-265.



We have been audited and approved by SALSA Foods. Our site number is 4381.

Because of the reverence with which we treat all allergies every ingredient that we select for use has been thoroughly investigated and a data sheet is kept on file. 

We can now offer our Vegan customers savoury goods, ready to roll pastry and cakes. We treat all potential for cross contamination very seriously indeed. Therefore we only make our Vegan goods once a week, and it is always the morning after our deep clean of the whole bakery. Once the bakery is spotless we set about producing our Vegan goods. We do not make anything else until the vegan goods are finished, packaged, and in sealed boxes ready for shipping. If we are selling Vegan goods at any of our events we have separate serving plates and utensils.